A Passion For What You Do

Thomas Edison, one of America’s greatest inventors said; “I never did a day of work in my life.  It was all fun.”  When it comes to trading the markets I feel the same way.  I love working with charts and executing trades even though trading delivers both delight and disappointment.  Even when the market environment is very difficult I still feel a thrill each day waking up to the market.  My love for the game compels me to view rocky periods of time as thorns that do not take away from the beauty of the rose.  Trading is one of the most difficult endeavors an individual can ever attempt.  Despite it’s hardship I love it.  In fact, I love it for the very reason that it IS hard.  I love it because most people can’t and won’t last.  Surviving in and doing well in the market provides me with a sense of accomplishment that I don’t believe I could get from any other endeavor.  I believe if more people loved trading just for the sake of trading, and not just for what it can deliver to you, skill would replace greed.  I love trading because of the challenge and because intelligence stands as the cornerstone for all of your actions.  My passion for the work guarantees that I will outlast the crowd.  It ensures that I will overcome every obstacle in the way of my success.   It gives me strength to endure every trial, tribulation, and every dark moment of the market.  Love is considered by many philosophers to be the most potent force known to humans.  When we lavish love upon our children, they grow strong and build character that successfully leads them into the future.  When love is directed towards one’s spouse, each waking moment is a warm welcome into the house of prosperity.  If you try to love trading the way that I do, it may just decide to love you back.