Video Stock Watch Lists 

WealthCampus provides you with a comprehensive daily watch list video of hot stocks that fit our discovery keys.  The stocks are found using extremely powerful scans that scan all stocks in the market. The Professor takes you on a tour of each chart on the list and tells you why he likes that particular stock and how he plans on playing it.  This intense preparation has you focusing on the stocks that will minimize your risk and maximize your profit potential.

Buy and Sell Alerts to showcase the system and how powerful it is.

When a stock is alerted you are given the buy price, a stop loss, and a target price.  You receive the complete trading plan!  Each member is given access to Professor’s private twitter feed.  Buy & sell alerts are sent there first.   Then the alert is sent via a global chat message in the chat room. Then finally the Professor updates the Blue Skies Index to reflect the change.  A perfect system of redundancies in place so that you don’t miss an opportunity to maximize profits.


WealthCampus Chat Room Open 24/7

Whether you are experienced or just beginning your trading career the market can be extremely difficult to navigate.  The Professor is one of the hardest working individuals you will ever meet and is always in the chat room providing guidance and answering questions.  Members are quite literally coached through each trade.  The chat room is also populated with extremely helpful, friendly, traders who are knowledgeable about the WealthCampus system.  Success is obtained through teamwork and support.  You will find chat to be an exciting, fun, and friendly environment that provides idea generation and an education.

Real-Time Blue Skies Index & Real-Time Watch List

Monthly members have access to a macro-enabled Blue Skies Index  which reflects Professor’s own portfolio. You can see all of the positions currently being held that are still active alerts.  This Blue Skies Index page also contains organized watch lists culled from the scans. Tabs also take you to the W1 B/O stock lists, the Ultimate Breakout list, and the IPO Research pages.  This provides each member with a tremendous amount of actionable content thus providing greater opportunities for profiting in the market.  This is huge.

WealthCampus Master’s Program

The Master’s Program is a membership which involves being personally mentored by the Professor.  You have access to multiple courses, video lessons, case files, and archived webinars.  The Professor literally builds out your scan engine for you to match his and provides you with his chart styles he uses as well.  He then teaches you how to use the scans and the chart styles.  It is the ultimate goal of WealthCampus to build independent traders who have the tools to master the market. There is nothing more powerful than learning to trade on your own within a system and learning how to trade with a very profitable edge.