WealthCampus: Dollars & Sense Podcast #1

  • An Introduction to WealthCampus & System
  • Listen to Part 1 of a live interview with Nate from the chatroom.  Nate is an Inner Circle Member whose account is up 1844% in 2017
  • We both agreed that How To Profit in Bull & Bear Markets is an excellent resource. Personally it is probably one of my favorite books and years and years ago completely changed the way I trade.
  • Nate talks about Cal Newport’s Deep Work: Rules For Focused Success in a Distracted World as being key to his daily success and health.
  • Nate challenges the membership to step outside of their comfort zone and switch a trade to a weekly time frame or even further out using the teachings.
  • Interview went so well; we decided not to rush anything and the interview was split into two parts.  Part two of the interview with Nate will be available in our second Podcast



WealthCampus: Dollars & Sense Podcast #2

Part 2 of the interview with Nate.  Below are Nate’s words copied verbatim from an email that he sent me:

So the month long case study is complete and the results were amazing. Thanks again for everything, and you were definitely right. While Jan. was my most profitable month because of the small cap explosions, (almost 3000 back into my pocket right after joining inner circle!) I don’t really count it because I dont feel like I was trading with a plan. Feb and the beginning of march were decent, bringing in around 1100 in 5 weeks, but this last month has been my proudest achievement. I traded with a plan and banked almost 2k. I learned that losses can really really hurt.and in one month I had just under 3000 in gains, and 1200 in losses, really driving home the fact that I’m biggest flaw in the system… hurts still to think I gave back 1200……. that being said, LOOK AT THAT WINNING STREAK! I learned tons man. Thank you so much.

Below is a picture of the spreadsheet that Nate used to track his trades after the advice he received.



WealthCampus: Dollars & Sense Podcast #3

  • Professor talks about a good chart vs.  a bad chart and vehicle selection
  • Listen to Professor’s interview with Claire and her own personal trading journey