Charts Don’t Lie

There are many market players out there who do not even have a small grasp of what technical analysis is or what the art of chart reading is all about.  A price chart is nothing other than a graphical display of what I like to call the “footprints” of money.  They show human psychology at work and the repetitive cycles of fear and greed and uncertainty.  They are great graphical clues to track what large institutional money is doing. What I like about a chart is that it is factual.  I always tell my members to tune out the “white noise”.  Ignore CNBC and the fund managers trying to get you to buy a stock (so that they can actually unload it on you) and for the most part all of social media.  All I need to make a decision is the chart itself.  The chart doesn’t lie.  Each sell or buy order along with the volume that accompanies it instantly shows up on a chart.  Analysts can issue a major brokerage report but many can be fakes or don’t know what they are talking about.  They might be saying one thing but all I need to do is look at a chart to get the information that I need.  A CEO can hold a conference call and make bold statements, but the chart itself, will never lie.  Now when I use a chart  to invest with my money, I may not always be right.  But at least when I am making that bet, I am doing so based on true convictions, on true beliefs, based off of a chart, not based on the word of mouth from others.  And each of these bets, is actually what makes up the chart.  Charts don’t lie.